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60”OD x 15’-0”S/Sx720 PSI 3-Phase Separator Package – Sour Service

Basic Description

60” Class 300 SOUR Separator Package
6” 300 ANSI RF welded inlet and gas outlet piping
2” 300 ANSI RF welded Hydrocarbon and
Water outlet piping
Piped three phase
Packaged: 2020
Condition: NEW
Location:  Nisku, AB


  • 60” OD x 15’-0”S/Sx720 PSIG Design Pressure
  • 3-Phase Horizontal Design with Adjustable Weir
  • -20F/125 F Design Temperature
  • Sour Service c/w RT-1 Radiography & PWHT
  • 1/8” C.A.
  • CRN: U-Stamped with A.B., B.C., & SASK



  • Hydrocarbon and Water Level Control c/w Level Gauges and D4 Control Valves
  • 3”300 x 4”150 Vessel PSV set @ 720PSI  (“J” Orifice) –  NACE Primary
  • Instrument Gas Scrubber c/w HLSD and PSV
  • Structural Steel Skid (W10x45 Mains,  1/4” Checker Plate) –  Four Lifting Points
  • Self Framing Gable Building –  Galvalume Ext,  White Interior (R12 Roof and Walls)

Provisions in layout and piping to allow for the following:

    • Inlet or Outlet PCV/ESD
      Future Gas metering
    • Future Liquid metering/provers/bypass  and associated valves
    • Scrubber PSV tie into Vessel PSV Discharge