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Pro-Par has been a supporter of the propane industry since its inception, working with small and large companies by offering propane storage and handling solutions. The company’s extensive expertise allows it to develop solutions based on multiple installation types, allowing for projects to be completed efficiently. Whatever your needs, Pro-Par builds your projects according to the environment you work in.

What We Offer 

Domestic Tanks

We offer aboveground and underground domestic tanks from 320 USWG to 1999 USWG. We also offer propane tanks for special applications such as auto propane and vertical tanks.

Storage Tanks

We build propane storage tank aboveground and underground from 2000 to 90000 USWG. These tanks can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
We can build for various gases including Propane-Natural Gas-Condensates-Co2-So2 and Nh3.

Trucks & Trailers

From 1200 to 5500 USWG in both NQT or QT material we offer proven designs thanks to our experience building truck-mounted bobtail. Our highway tanks are built to withstand the rigors of our roads in the Northeast, with designs that are proven to be durable and reliable.

Pro-Par Industries does not currently have available inventory. Please Contact Us with your inquiries.

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