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EnviroVault LP is focused on providing industry-leading vent gas combustors and tank heaters. Our combustor line is designed to meet close spacing regulations, to have no visible flame, to operate under a wide range of pressure and flow rates, and be very scalable and affordable. Our industry standard tank heater packages can be used in the harshest of climates and our explosion-proof heaters, installed with an EnviroVault inside the tank, provide optimal heat exchange and accessibility.

What We Offer 


EnviroVault’s ERx enclosed combustors eliminate emissions at a combustion efficiency of >99%. Our combustors meet 10m close spacing requirements, can run on low flows and are extremely affordable. They are great for eliminating casing gas and venting from pneumatics / tanks. Purchase, rent and ‘rent-to-own’ options are available.

Tank Freeze Protection

EnviroVault’s Bolt-in, catalytic heaters and heated EnviroVaults can operate in all climates, including the harshest of winters. Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit, we have a variety of sizes and designs to provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance to any aboveground storage tank.

Patented Tanks

EnviroVault’s ThermoVault and DuoVault tanks are patented designs built for purpose. ThermoVault tanks offer large amounts of catalytic heat to the tank contents to promote oil/water separation. The DuoVault is a true “Tank-in-Tank” design that can be used on any location without the need for additional secondary containment.

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