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Terravest Industries (TVK) is a capital group that has manufacturing operations and facilities all across Canada including 4 Alberta based oil and gas manufacturers, NWP Industries LP, RJV Gas Field Services, EnviroVault LP and SegreTECH Inc.

Together, the group of companies offer many different products including;

  • FWKO’s, Treaters up to 10’ X 40’
  • Line heaters up to 10MM Btu/Hr
  • Vertical and horizontal separators up to 10’ diameter
  • Skid packages (tank/separator combos, MCC buildings, metering skids, etc.)
  • Patented high volume sand separators (for sale or rent)
  • Production and Rental Tanks
  • All EnviroVault products including the newly patented ThermoVault

The TVK Inventory website contains all of the available equipment from all divisions of the company. The website is constantly and continuously monitored for content accuracy so items listed should, in most cases, be available.


Please phone (403) 539-8316 or e-mail